Writers & Authors: Here Are 5 Dangerous Reasons To Not Own A Website

New Writers & Authors: Here Are 5 Dangerous Reasons To Not Own A Website

Do Writers & Authors Need A Website?

Looks like the “do you need a website” saga returns for new writers and authors. It’s like this debate comes in waves. One minute some say a website is a must. The next others suggest you don’t need it.  

Now, let me put this disclaimer out there I am in nowise speaking against other experts that feel like you don’t need a website.

We all have various reasons, different spiels, methodologies and different understandings about websites.

That’s fine, right? But, I wanted to jump on the bandwagon a little bit about this topic. I get this question a lot from new clients daily.

I often see new writers and authors exhausting other platforms–putting in hard work for engagement and sharing incredible content. This same work and effort can be used for your website.

For the record, I am pro website and stand behind the “why” of websites for new authors and writers.

It’s not wise for me to advise new writers and authors to definitely go with what works for you on this one. If you have a website as a writer and author, I’m not going to say websites do not work anymore.

I think that’s wrong information to put out like that with people because if you’re a writer or author naturally you want a website.

At this rate, bloggers and podcasters aren’t included in this topic because they understand that websites are needed to house all of their content and products.

Put bluntly you’ll find yourself walking on thin ice if you do not have a website. So that’s the side of the fence that I’m staying with.

I’m not going to deviate from websites. Plus, I want to go into some serious particulars.

Here are five most dangerous reasons to not have a Website

These five reasons show that I’m very firm and solid on this and I hope it resonates with a lot of you. If it doesn’t, no hard feelings. We’re still good! I totally get it.

Dangerous Reason #1

No website? You have no extra value to add to your online presence or credibility. Going back to the Flintstone age, during the season of MySpace, it eventually was taken over by Facebook.


But, even before and during MySpace, authors and writers had websites. Whether your website looked like an online business card, brochure, or you started in the sphere of blogging, you understood (back then) the sole purpose of one.

Dangerous Reason #2

No website? Your audience has a limited way to find your services, products or books. Websites are where you house your bio, writings, blogs, services, and products like books, courses, freebies, coaching and consultation services.

After you publish your content, then you share it on many sites where you can draw thousands of people called traffic. One way to do this is

You can also listen to the podcast on why you need a website. Click on the image.

Dangerous Reasons To Not Have A WebsiteDangerous Reason #3

No website? How can you ensure marketing efforts and reach your marketing goals? Best-selling authors and expert writers grasp the facts that once published, they are (1) business owners and (2) business ownership means lots of marketing.

The primary platform you market FROM is your website. You market TO social media and other platforms TO drive traffic back to your website to collect emails and payments.

Your readers will want to learn more about who you are and what you write about. This is a good thing because obviously, they’re very interested in your works. It helps your brand and tells your story.

Besides, if you ever want to use a publisher or literary agent, they will look for you to have an online identity.

Dangerous Reason #4

No website because of all your “renting” on social media land. Your website is like your home or house. I once heard another expert explain it this way.

Social media platforms are rented spaces. Should they shut down, it’s very possible to lose all of your content that’s if you use their territory for everything.

Your site is like your home. Your URL is like your home address and it’s where you invite people to come and visit you.

People have an open invitation to visit you on your website. So, why not own your home and “decorate” it with eye-catching colors and outstanding content that keeps them returning.  

Dangerous Reason #5

No website? How do you collect information to further build relationships with your fans? I get it. You may have high engagement on your social media channels. You’re building great rapport with your fans and followers.

Your (home) website gives you the freedom to whatever you desire. You can collect names, phone numbers, addresses and email address (now due to GDPR) with consent.

But, when you capture your emails from your Website you have leads and remember those leads are prospects and you’re hoping to turn them into customers.

You’re helping the conversion process by doing email marketing. Of course, using MailChimp or Aweber you can reach out to people on your list a few times per month.

You can send them something encouraging, a newsletter, info about your new book, offers, videos, etc.


Overall, you can start and create your new website asap. One trick to start with content is to take some of your most engaging posts from social media and create more content with it.

For example, you can create a video, write a longer blog post, or podcast. Then, add an opt-in to it to capture email addresses.

Most importantly, I understand if funds are limited too. Consider using the free versions of WordPress with a sub-domain (URL-they’ll give you) until you have enough to afford one of their plans.

I’d love to see you own your new website home. It’s an exciting and rewarding experience that comes with being a writer and author. I promise you’ll enjoy the journey.

Leave a comment or ask questions! I’d love to hear from you. I read and respond to my community.

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