The Easy Way Guide to Identify Your Market & Niche

The Easy Way Guide to Identify Your Market & Niche

Marketing & Advertising to A Market & Niche

Don’t feel bad if you haven’t learned how to find your market and niche. You’re not alone. This blog is for you to get through all the noise and BS that you find online–to get you straight to what you want and need to locate and understand your potential customers and clients.

I decided to write this blog for you because I’ve noticed patterns with my clients. And, also with my prospective customers. Did I mention reading thousands of remarks, comments, and reviews? Yes, these too!

There is a difference between a client and a prospective customer. A potential customer is a warm lead someone that you may end up engaging in conversation with or the person that may have opted for your free offer.

And, if you do not have a free offer no worries there still a way to capture warm leads.

A client is the one who agrees with the proposal and contract. There’s an exchange of your services and or product for payment.

My point here is through conversation with people who are trying to market their product or service; I noticed this big common thread.

They lacked resources, funds and most importantly marketing knowledge.

I remember transitioning from consulting to now my content marketing. I said to my last host of clients you know what I’m going to give it all to you for free.

At this point, I don’t want your money because you need it to market. You need money to advertise.

Yes, there are free methods but allow me to explain something to you.

The same way companies take thousands of dollars to market and advertise their business; you can do the same thing with maybe five or ten dollars and get more reach for little to nothing.

I know $5 to $10 may sound a bit bizarre to you newbies. However, seasoned business owners and entrepreneurs understand how to work advertising in a way that benefits their businesses.

You’ll get much return for your bucks when marketing correctly. Here’s what I mean. It’s time to take advantage of social media and even advertising for $5 per day using Facebook Ads because you don’t want to leave any money on the table.

Businesses, authors, writers use the $5 or more per day advertising system and marketing system to get reach, exposure, leads and return on investment.

Honestly, you can start with a $3 per day budget. Keep in mind that social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram are marketing businesses.

Use these channels to drive traffic (your customers & clients) back to your website, blog, product or service.

The majority of your potential customers use social media. And, you know what? They frequent to Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Medium, Twitter, YouTube, etc. directly on their cell phones.

How Do You Market & Advertise Not Knowing Your Market or Niche?

During my start-up phase, I spent lots of weeks, days and hours studying and researching my markets.

I still do!

Market trends change day to day. This shift means that your ideal customer will move along and follow as well. Your number one goal should be to understand the psychology, or mind of your customers and clients.

What triggers them to buy? What are their pains? What problems do they have? How can you help them? Does your product or service offer solutions to your customer’s problems?

Your customers look to satisfy the “wants” of their problems before they focus on how to resolve the “needs” of them.

You may struggle with identifying and understanding your market. I can relate to your frustration. I remember the beginning stages of my business. I knew to reach specific demographics, ages, gender, etc.

But, that’s just one layer.

My clients and potential customers weren’t aware of this let alone the other layers. They could not identify their customers they or who they wanted their services or products to be sold to.

The Easy Way Guide to Identify Your Market & NicheLet’s Identify Your Market & Niche

So, first things first.

I cannot emphasize this enough. If you do not identify your market and during your initial stages, you will find yourself going back to this later.

Sometimes you have to rework your entire business plan and strategy because you did not specifically identify who your market is.

1. Conduct a Google search For Amazon’s best-selling books or Amazon’s best-sellers.
2. Click on the link the very first link that pops up on Google. After you click on this link, it will take you right to Amazon’s best sellers page.
3. In the left-hand column, you will see actual categories. Pay close attention to these categories. If you don’t know, the main areas that sell in marketing are relationships, health, fitness, and finances.
4. Click the categories that closely relate to your market. Also, notice when you click on the types, you’ll see sub-categories. In this case, these are the niches to your market.
5. Click on the subs as well.

The goal here is to look for the ebooks or books with the most sales. Read through the reviews and comments to understand what your customers are thinking and saying.

Copy and paste their remarks into a word document and save it.

You can also do the same with This site is another lucrative place that reveals what people are most interested in and reveals what they are paying attention to. You can use this as well to determine your market and your niche.

Why According to business insider, “Amazon dominated online sales in 2017 — and it wasn’t even close.” Then, DMR Business Statistics Fun Facts recently announced, “there are 300 million daily users on Amazon and 30 million monthly users on the mobile app.”

Another tool is Facebook’s Audience Insights. You will need a business page for this. By the way, please don’t use your page for business. Keep them separate. Facebook has a firm policy of mixing the two.

Your business page gives you more leverage. It is through here you can use paid advertisement for a whopping $3, control your ad spend and target the right customers. Your business page takes you behind the scenes to handle audience insights for further market research.

Learn more about audience insights on Facebook. I highly recommend searching on YouTube.

Understanding the Main Markets & Niche Mindsets

If you sell products and services for those in relationships, wanting health and fitness, or finances, you’re in a unique market. It’s very lucrative. Entrepreneurs and business owners in these areas will make money.

Why? People, like you, want the freedom to do things. People wish for money just like you to be able to travel. Many want money to go to the most elegant restaurants. People want money to buy the best clothes. We all want money to show better lifestyles.

Money keeps us out of bondage. The objective to have money is to be financially free. Many customers want weight loss programs, diets, and fitness. Others are looking for self-improvement, ways to better themselves and loving relationships.

I see people’s eagerness to lose weight. Many are into their bodies. That is a vast market, and people are always looking for ways to become physically fit. They’re looking for fast ways to lose weight and quick ways to gain muscle.

The next one is relationships. We show concern about our relationships in various ways. Science even proves we survive because of connections. We fall in love; out of love. We’re looking for advice. Want marriage and to be engaged. People want to know who that special someone is. If it’s a friendship, we want besties and to be best girls.

Entrepreneurs and business owners want to know how to help people that may have specific problems in these areas. Pay close to attention to the wants I just listed above. These are also the primary problems people deal with in life.

Your solutions are inclusive of their wants and pains. So, be sure to think about these things. Write or type them out in bulleted form into a Word document.


Finally, be unique with your solutions. Follow your customers using the other platforms. Look at their comments and reviews. Your customers are speaking. They are revealing their thoughts, why’s and what’s. Use this to help understand your market’s or niche’s mindset.

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