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PSA_Hashtags on IG for Writers

Hashtags have come a long way on social networks and also Instagram is not an exemption. Taking advantage of pertinent hashtags help obtain you much more presence as well as preferred on Instagram. The more hashtags you use, the extra popular your photos will certainly end up being. This implies more sort, more followers and even more comments which all help increase your platform.

Use 15 to 17 hashtags. Create groups of hashtags that align with your author bio, the post and caption. Think of hashtags as keywords–the words your readers use when searching for their wants and interests on Instagram. If you’re a fantasy writer, do not use all hashtags that target other writers.

Sprinkle in other hashtags around the themes and symbols of your writings and books. For example: #betrayal #hotfire #friendshipslast #goodpeoplearehidetofind #forgiveness

Sprinkle in hashtags related to the type of book. For instance, #novel #trilogy #firstbook #romancenovels .

Sprinkle in hashtags for readers like #bookstoread #bookseries #lovetoread #booksamillion

Test at least two groups of 15 to 17 hashtags use them interchangeably for 30 to 45 days. Next, you should audit them. Take a piece of paper and pencil. Write each hashtag on a separate line. On your phone, go to the last six posts on your page. Click on each hashtag. Look for your photo.

If it’s in the “top” or up near the top for the “recent” section keep that tag. Should your photo be near the bottom of the “recent” get rid of it.

This will help you to see which tags are working the best for your page.

Keep the ones that work and add more tags to get your group up to 15 to 17 tags. Keep testing your tags until you find 15 to 17 that work the best for your photos and captions. Create four to five groups of solid hashtags to grow your readers.

More bonus videos and links to hashtags are here: Hashtag Tips from IG

Hashtag Tips for Writers

Hashtag Tips for Writers2

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