Self-Awareness Paves the Way To Your Happiness And Success

Self-Awareness Paves the Way To Your Happiness And Success

Self-awareness can be a daily goal to those who want it. Being mindful of yourself daily will ultimately lead the way to happiness in your relationships with people.

Use a self-awareness mindset to get your thoughts in gear, and watch your relationships and business change for the better.

What is self-awareness?

Self-awareness enables you to understand yourself and personality. You are in tune with your personality, weaknesses, thought process, emotions, strengths, and beliefs.

According to pathway to happiness dot com, “self-awareness allows you to understand other people, how they perceive you, your attitude and your responses to them at the moment.”

I never knew how the self-awareness meaning contained enough power to change anyone’s life.

If you’re an internalizer (one who holds all emotions inside), it is common to feel more stings from pain and not knowing how to communicate your feelings.

You may find it hard to share your deepest fears. Talking about your hearts sentiments sometimes don’t make it beyond your mind.

To make matters worse, your relationships suffer tremendously.

There may be this back and forth of hurting each other’s feelings because you and the other don’t know how to channel the emotions and communicate them positively.

No one’s to blame for lack of self-awareness. People only do what they know to do from their present state of mindset.

I don’t think it’s fair to only point out flaws in others. Hurt people hurt people. Therefore, you and the other may have to learn how to find release from (past) emotional turmoils.

If there’s no freedom from them, I’m certain our brains would experience much trauma. Did you know that some painful experiences can create trauma to the brain?

I’ve witnessed plenty of dark distressing mental injuries in many relationships

You may find that those in unhealthy relationships project their injuries through conversations and daily encounters towards you.

Self-Awareness Paves the Way To Your Happiness And SuccessAlso, you try to be the “savior” or “rescuer,” and end up with severe wounds.

One way you might think to help with these connections are to put them first–meaning before “you.”

I can relate to this because I’ve always put others before me.

From buying gifts and treating people to something simple like a thinking of you card or Star Bucks was my norm.

Going shopping? I always included the person in my spending. Going out to eat? I just had to be the one to treat. Want lunch while at work?

Yep! I had to drop off the meal.

Ever feel like you only want to help or be there for someone?

What about love relationships and no self-awareness? Where you…

  • Can’t stop thinking of him day and night.
  • Get stomach butterflies. (Yep! They still exist)!
  • Always check your phone (just have to make sure they’re no missed calls).
  • You want to call or text, but don’t want to be the first.
  • Many times you don’t want to appear needy.
  • Other times you don’t want to be overbearing.

The list of love feelings goes on and on. And, know this… SUCH FEELINGS ARE VALID!

These energies only need balance. They show you put others before yourself. And this means you’re in a vulnerable position to perceive any lack of responses as rejection.

The person isn’t rejecting you. They’re sometimes not capable of loving you or returning the nature of giving the way you want or need.

Without self-awareness, this cycle of pain continues and spills over into every aspect of your life, especially business and success.

Your career is one of the primary areas that takes a hard hit from imbalanced emotions.

Experts suggest that if you’re one not to handle pressures and respond negatively to wrong actions, your business will tank in less than two years. So, it’s a good idea to develop self-awareness.

Can you imagine remaining in unhealthy relationships, which aren’t right for you?

Your objective is to succeed in all of your endeavors.

To do this, develop self-awareness by concentrating on every detail of your personality and behavior. Monitor how you react or respond in each moment.

Without this practice and consistency, you’ll easily slip away from the happiness you could’ve attained all along.

Self-Awareness Paves the Way To Your Happiness And SuccessConsider starting your journey to self-awareness with the following:

Journal Daily for self-awareness. Journaling your daily experiences and exploring the “why” for every reaction and action is one incredible way to learn self-awareness.

After you write about the occurrences of the day, begin a new paragraph to talk about “why” you said or did something.

Explore your thoughts and actions to dig deeper into yourself.

Be Intentional About Time for self-awareness. To be intentional about time means you will learn about your habits for every second, minute and hour.

I know this is bit much.

But, it’s true. Self-awareness positions you to “sensitive” to yourself including how you respond to negative things, your thoughts, how well you spend or waste each moment of the day, etc.

You basically decide how productive the day will be with time.

Take The Four Temperament & Kolbe Tests for self-awareness. The temperament test helps you dig into your personality. Kolbe takes you into areas of your instincts.

Both assist with aiding and giving you deeper insights into who you are.

Monitor Your Mindset & Conversations for self-awareness. As you know, life brings many challenges and hurdles. Responses to them determine true day-to-day success.

If you’re in contact with people who argue or speak negatively, you can choose to rise above this.

Choice is everything.

It reveals our mindsets and how our conversations will go. Mindset and conversations have enough power to take you further in life and business or hinder your progress.

It’s imperative to monitor your mindset and dialogue. Monitoring coupled with sensitivity shows self-awareness.


Not everyone we meet in life demonstrates self-awareness. What’s interesting is these individuals are strong at showing “other” awareness.

Meaning, they can easily recognize the flaws, idiosyncrasies, imbalances, and insecurities in you, but not themselves.

Work on you. Self-awareness begins with you. Then, your outside relationships and interactions will produce genuine happiness. Happiness and success look great once you’re self-aware.

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